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pet-chakrasReiki is a subtle and gentle form of hands-on energy healing, where I channel universal energy (Rei-Ki) to facilitate the natural healing process so that my clients can heal both physically and emotionally. Traditional Reiki has set hand placements, which I may use, but I also utilize other subtle and energy healing techniques that I have studied and practiced, such as chakra balancing, polarity therapy, and cranial-sacral therapy. See technique descriptions here.

I work intuitively to allow myself to sense and feel where to work. This also helps to clear my mind so that I can communicate better with the animals. Each animal healing session will be individualized based on your pet’s illness, injury, or emotional/psychological issues.

The first session will involve meeting you and your pet, getting the background on the injury, illness, or emotional issue, and then some energy work. The first session must be one hour long to fit all this in. Subsequent sessions may be 30 or 60 minutes.

Sessions & Rates:

I make home visits, or a at local park if you and your pet prefer, in the Santa Barbara, Goleta, & Montecito, CA areas. Rates include travel time and expenses:

~ One hour session: $120

~ Half hour session: $70

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a healing session for your pet, you can reach me (Julie) by phone at (415) 646-5086 or e-mail:

If you are in the greater Santa Barbara County area, please contact me for rates. Depending on the distance there will be extra travel fees. Thank you!

For Distance Reiki and Energy Healing for your pet, please click here!


Barks, Meows, Chirps, Comments, and Questions lovingly appreciated!

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