A Very Special Visit

Click the link in this post to see my experience at the Sundog Drift Ranch!

Through the Peacock's Eyes

Me&Sunny About two weeks ago I had the joy of visiting a fellow blogger and fantastic photographer, Jo Danehy at the Sundog Drift Ranch. Here is her post about the visit . We all – 3 humans, 2 horses, 5 adult Golden Retrievers, 9 7-week old golden babies, my 2 Alaskan Malamutes, 1 Burro, 2 Manx cats, and several goats had a wonderful time!

This was the first time I’ve gone to visit a blog “friend” and am so happy that we are now “real” friends. 🙂 Sometimes it’s a little hard to tell if bloggers are for real, but many, many of us are. I also met another fellow blogger who came to San Francisco on a trip last Fall, so if any of you are in or visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, or Northern California (heck, I drove 8 hours round trip in one day for this special…

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