Welcome to Healing with Animals

Hello and welcome! My name is Julie. Since birth my life has always been filled with animals and full because of animals. I’ve owned, lived with, raised, healed, and bred all sorts of animals: hamsters, songbirds, tropical birds, chickens, fresh and tropical fish, toads, an iguana, snakes, turtles, a tarantula, cats, and dogs. I cannot imagine what it is like to not have animals around. Communicating with them and doing healing energy work on them is like second nature to me.

In 2009 I adopted my first severely abused and neglected Alaskan Malamute, Simba. You can read about his story here on my spiritual counseling blog, Through the Peacock’s Eyes. My experience working with his emotional, psychological, and physical injuries showed me how powerfully healing Reiki and energy work can be.

The second Alaskan Malamute I adopted, named Kuruk (Pawnee for “bear”), came from a horrible puppy mill situation in Alaska in 2011. Though he was starved, he had no physical injuries. However, he had had absolutely no socialization; he was like a feral wolf. Again I utilized energy healing, and a lot of patience, to help him overcome his extreme fears and anxiety. Kuruk, Ku for short, is so social now that he has his own Facebook and blog: Haiku By Ku. Do check out his book, Kuruk: The Little Bear That CouldOne Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing, which he wrote to raise awareness about animal welfare and rescue.

Besides Ku, I currently have another rescued Alaskan Malamute, named Nalle, though her situation was not a bad one. Nalle means “teddy bear” and a teddy bear she is! She studied hard to become an Animal Assisted Therapy Pup, or Nurse Nalle as she says, and aspires to also become a Puppy Dog Tales reading companion. You see, animals can help humans heal too, and Nalle wants to help others with her loving energy!

I have been a professional massage therapist (LMP, CMT) and healer since 2000, and a Reiki II practitioner since 2006. Though I continue to work on humans, I have expanded my services and skills availability to work with and help heal animals.

If you are in the Santa Barbara, CA area and are interested in Reiki and Energy Healing for your pet(s), you can find my contact information on the Services & Rates page here.

Header and Blogovar Photos by Jo Danehy Photography.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Healing with Animals

  1. Giovannoni Claudine

    All animals have a special magic way to make us human feel good… We shall respect them and love them! It’s beautiful that you give your skills to heal animals 🙂
    I read with a lot of interest the categorie about shamanism… thank’s for these informations quite interesting for my “work in progress” Piccoli passi nella Taiga – gli sciamani del lago Baikal.
    Serenity :-)claudine

  2. Carmen Mandel

    Wonderful, Julie.I am so glad for you and sweet Nalle, to be able to put your loving, healing energies to help others in a beautiful circle of compassion. Great to know that she graduated and is working!. I believe in the great power of Ki, Here is to beautiful Nurse Nalle and her extraordinary Mama ♥

    1. Julianne Victoria Post author

      St. Francis de Assisi: “Se você tiver homens que irá excluir qualquer das criaturas de Deus do abrigo de compaixão e piedade, você terá homens que irá tratar da mesma forma com os seus concidadãos.”


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